Dealextreme Currency Converter

A Firefox extension --- Latest version: 0.2.6

Warning: This addon has been discontinued. and is no longer supported.
Sources are available by renaming the .xpi file to .zip



Dealextreme Currency Converter, shortwise DXCC is an Firefox extension developed by dealextreme costumers.

It allows you to view the prices at DX in an different currency.
DXCC supports any currency that is recognized by google's currency conversion system.

To see if your currency is supported just type "1 dollar to [currency name]" in the google search bar at
So if you want to see if the Euro is supported type: "1 dollar to euro" and see if google gives you the conversion rate above the search results.

The addon has a buildin testing feature in the preferences panel that allows you to check if the addon can handle your currency.

The DXCC has only one goal, make shopping at DX more easy, to be able to do this DXCC has the following features:

Implemented features
If you can think of any feature that might improve this addon, feel free to contact me.
Contact details are on the bottom of this page.


Because a picture is worth a thousand words, a few screenshots of the addon (click for a full size view)

screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot


Here you can download the DXCC addon, just click the big "Install DXCC" link below. In order to install the addon, you need to click "Allow" in warning bar the right top of the site.
I promise I have no intention to do any harm to you computer. If you want to look at the source before installing, just right click the link, select "Save link as" and save the XPI file to your hard drive.
The XPI file is just an ZIP archive with a certain layout. just extract the file and view the contents for yourself.

Install DXCC 0.2.6

Installation / Quick setup guide

1. Install the extension

2. Open the extensions preferences window (Tools >> Add-ons >> [select DXCC] >> Options)

3. Type the name of your local currency in the 'Local currency name' box. Make shure you use the name of your local currency that is used by google.
This is generally your currency name in english. To test this click on the "Test currency" button.

4. To setup your currency symbol you can use one of the examples below.
Generally you can use normal characters. but for using 'special' ones you need to use their HTML code.

5. Set up the other preferences if you like

6. Close the preferences window by clicking the 'OK' button.

7. Reload the dealextreme webpage and check at the dealextreme website if it is working.
If not, make sure you have enabled the add on and configured it correctly
using the steps above.

If you are sure that you haven't made a mistake and dxcc may contain a bug,
you can contact me with my contact details at the bottom of this page.

Setup examples

Currency nameLocal currency nameLocal currency symbol
British pound
New Turkish lira
Colombian peso

Support / Contact

There are two ways to get in touch with me.
Post a message at the DX forum in the addon thread at the following url:

Or contact me at my private email address, please note that I dont always have time to reply to your emails.
If you want to have an answer to your question as soon as possible, I suggest that you post a message in the DX forum thread listed above.

f.vandenijssel A
(replace the capital A with an @ of course)

You can write to me in either English, Dutch or German. I will answer your emails in English or Dutch (based on the used language).


Version 0.2.6 Version 0.2.5 Version 0.2.3